Hart Sikkario X-Fast Duck

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Hart brand duck model Sikkario X-Fast in red and black, special for Black-Bass fishing and predators.


  • Made of high-strength PVC with reinforced and heat-sealed joints
  • HART PVC-BYLAYER technology incorporates a 1,000 denier polyester inner coating that improves its strength and durability
  • Similar to the other Sikkario models, but in this case the rigid floor has been dispensed with to make it lighter
  • 16 cm thick booster seat
  • A motor mount has been incorporated into the lower part of the duck, to dispense with oars
  • 2 valves located at the rear of the balloons, which leave the front area free for convenient placement of the probe and other accessories
  • 1 seat valve and 1 floor valve
  • 2 large and improved side pockets, positionable by Velcro, and new position of the paddle holders, which makes it easy to adapt to the size and taste of each angler, always being comfortable to paddle
  • It has 3 reinforced handles for easy transport: 2 on the balls and 1 on the bow
  • It also includes padded backpack-style straps for comfortable back carrying on longer rides
  • Includes high-flow foot pump and carry bag
  • Maximum load: 170 Kg
  • Weight: 12 Kg

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Hart Sikkario X-Fast Duck

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