Hart The Guardian

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Duck of the brand Hart model The Guardian in camouflage color, special for the fishing of the Bass.


  • Finished in PVC coated polyester of 1,000 Deniers.
  • Thickness of its cover is oversized up to 1.1 mm.
  • This thick skin provides great protection against snags, tears and punctures, also increased by its rubber side bands that cushion blows with obstacles or when approaching floating structures.
  • The length has been shortened to 1.60 meters and the beam has been increased to 1.20 meters, achieving a perfect balance between navigability and maneuverability.
  • The balls have been oversized in their front part up to 35 cm in diameter, thus preventing the “peaks” from sinking.
  • Large side pockets allow us to load all our baits and accessories without problems.
  • It comes equipped with high-pressure flooring to increase its buoyancy, oars and aluminum front bar to improve the handling of large fish.

Maximum load: 200 kilos

Includes high flow foot pump and carrying bag.

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