Vinyl Keitech Swing Impact Size 4 Watermelon Pepper

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Pack of 8 very versatile Swing Impact vinyls of the Keitech brand size 4 in watermelon pepper color of 4.6 grams. The Swing Impact is characterized by its light and subtle tail, which vibrates at high speed during recovery. The swimming technique revalues the characteristics of the lure, which lends itself perfectly to linear and uninterrupted recoveries. It can be mounted with Jig Head, to Texas, Carolina, Down Shot, Neko Rig or as a trailer for a jig.

It is advisable to recover it without interruptions or without providing excessive sudden movements through the cane.


  • The design of the tail has been designed to prevent it from rising during high-speed recoveries, losing the arrangement and continuity of movement. At any speed with which it is recovered, it can be assured that it will always be a lure with a swim of the best on the market.
  • The body section
    • A: The anterior section of the body, near the head is slightly flattened.
    • B: The back section of the body, near the tail, is flattened vertically. This particular has been designed to have a total balance, allowing the tail to oscillate widely
  • In consideration of its use to Texas Rig, in the Swing Impact of 4 “two subtle grooves have been made, one in the back and one in the belly, for greater comfort when hiding the tip of the hook between the rings.
  • Pack of 8 vinyls
  • 4.6 grams

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