Shimano Kariki 8 Green Braided 150 m

19,95 VAT included

150 meter braiding reel of the Shimano brand Kariki model in green, special for carpfishing fishing.

Available in:

  • 0.21 mm with a strength of 20.8 kg
  • 0.23 mm with a strength of 22.5 kg


  • Highly technical 8-ebra braiding using a unique VT tight weave
  • Construction to produce a smoother finish and reduced diameter
  • Perfect for all applications, both in fresh and salt water, the soft profile casts very well and also minimises noise when moving in tension through the rings
  • The Kairiki 8 is noticeably smoother, with a more rounded shape, which translates to longer and more accurate casts, greater sensitivity, and also reduces noise in fishing action
  • The VT Construction technology used to manufacture the Kairiki 8 combines the eight ebras under a constant and uniform multi-angle tension
  • Tighter fabric results in reduced diameter, increased sensitivity, and a smoother finish
  • Contains 150 meters
Shimano Kariki 8 Green Braided 150 m
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