Rubber Jig Keitech Model 2 – 14g Watermelon Black Flake

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Rubber Jig of the Keitech model 2 in watermelon color with black scales of 14 grams. This Jig is an ideal football to fish in the middle waters and in depth with a special posture. The material with which the head is made is very hard so it increases the sensitivity to feel the structure of the bottom and at the moment in which the jig reaches it. Model II allows us to reach submerged structures without hesitation.


  • The Rubber Jig Model II has an oval shape, which keeps it always in perfect balance and prevents it from hooking easily. The paint used is special and high strength. The head has a compact shape, thanks to the high density material with which it is made, although its weight is high. It has a great efficiency when it comes to reducing the possibility of running aground, both in rocks and in tetragonal pitfalls.
  • The five subtle elements that make up the anti-algae have been inserted by hand with great care. They have sufficient resistance to avoid the obstacles submerged under water, but at the same time they do not constitute any impediment when it comes to ambushing and nailing.
  • The hook, of the 2/0, manufactured by express order for this measure, has a great resistance and it is very difficult to bend.
  • 14 grams

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