Shimano Yasei Grey Fluorocarbon 50 m

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50-meter fluorocarbon thread spool from the Shimano brand from the Yasei range in gray, especially for bass and predator fishing. Made of Japanese fiber material and contains Side Winder winding tool.

Available in:

  • 0.35 mm with a strength of 8.08 kg
  • 0.40 mm with a resistance of 11.93 kg


  • Highly technical made of 100% fluorocarbon
  • With a refractive index very close to that of water, which makes it practically invisible
  • High abrasion resistance properties
  • It has great softness and flexibility
  • Sturdy for its diameter, and virtually invisible underwater.
  • Highly flexible, maximizing the action of whatever lure you’re using, while retaining the strength and sturdiness to outmaneuver the most aggressive predators
Shimano Yasei Grey Fluorocarbon 50 m
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