Hart Manolo 100 mm RS

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Lure of 100 millimeters of the brand Hart model Manolo in yellow color that imitates a school of fish. It has a simple assembly that allows us to move it easily thanks to its lightness. It is a simple lure for use in linear and continuous collections and has a large tail movement to attract fish. Characteristics:

  • The Manolo comes ready to use it without the need for any assembly
  • 100-millimeter main swimbait fish with paddle tail and a powerful tinned cutting point hook.
  • Two accompanying swimbaits fish of 40 millimeters.
  • It has a rotating shovel with attractive vibrations
  • Vinyl fixing hook that guarantees its stability
  • The bending of fluorocarbon generates a coordinated and super realistic movement
  • Robust fluorocarbon antennas with thread attachment to facilitate the change of swimbait.
  • Great anti-snag power to avoid vegetation.

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