Rubber Jig Keitech Model 1 – 14g Black Purple

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Rubber Jig of the Keitech model 1 in black and purple color of 14 grams. This Jig is ideal for fishing in shallow covers. It features a profiled and molded head to easily slide between obstacles.


  • Made of high density tungsten-based resin.
  • Manageable and compact
  • Faldein material SR-40 with great flexibility and resistance.
  • The head is protected by a very resistant paint, which prevents it from chipping easily. Its compact shape favors its ability to swim by sliding among the densest algae.
  • The anti-algae comes mounted after having modeled and painted the head, thus preventing paint residues from hindering its operation. Its rigidity has been calibrated seeking to obtain high anti-algae performance, but at the same time ensure solid and safe nailing.
  • The size 3 hook used has been designed and manufactured specifically for this jig, being very sharp and resistant.
  • 14 grams

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Rubber Jig Keitech Model 1 – 14g Black Purple

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